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Give your child the unique opportunity to express their voices through singing. Give your children the opportunity to discover their singing talents and bring out the inner voice you know your child has.



We Inspire Them - we have a trained musician or singer who have experience with children
We Understand Them – through active engagement and we take care to adjust to a child's individual needs
We Get To Know Them – The time we spend with the children will be enthusiastic and fun putting them at ease to be themselves
We Involve You – our classes will be open for parents to watch their children or get involved in whatever way 


Breathing exercises

utilize your lower lungs' full capacity

Here is what we will be doing:-


Blend and work with others to become one beautiful voice

Dynamics and expression

Learn how to express songs honestly and to tell a story with your voice

Who this is for:-


Group A - 7-11 years old and 

Group B - 12-16 years old

Children who would like to explore singing gospel songs like the great singers

Those who love and appreciate great singing but are not sure if they can sing

Meet The Team

Image by Jon Tyson

Jane Smith

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Based in Zug Switzerland but originally from London UK, Lorraine has sung in gospel choirs in London since 2000 

Image by Nick Huizinga


Professional singer, song writer and musician with many years experience working with children in daycare



We are based in Zug, Switzerland and details of the site will follow soon


1-3 day workshops. Please register your interest below and provide your preferred days and afternoon times


There will be a contribution to cover costs

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6300 ZUG, Switzerland

+41 (0) 79555 7234


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