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We teach children from 6-13 years old how to use their voices to sing. We teach private one to one and also group classes 


Level:- Beginner - Intermediate

Vocal group classes are fun, energetic, informative – a great place to begin your child’s vocal journey!  Watch them blossom and gain confidence and self-awareness and learn about vocalising emotions while developing technical and performance skills 


What we offer


Groups: We teach children in a group class format where we train key practical techniques and the art of singing songs together. We will in future run 2 groups 6-8 year olds and 9-13 year olds

Private tuition:- Maybe you or your child would like to have one to one private classes focused on your individual needs and requirements. This can be arranged.


We teach singing in a secure friendly environment. Our curriculum focuses on singing techniques. For correct breathing  we teach how to utilise  the lower lungs full capacity and breathe right to support the desired sound. We teach harmonies and voice blending within a team. Dynamics, pitch and timing training will also help express the essence of a song in an authentic way.





Groups:- 30 CHF/child/45 minute session. We teach 10-20 children in a class format

Private:- 60 CHF/person/45 minute session. One to one private classes at our studio in Baarerstrasse, or online or in a church in Baar. (Contact us for further details)

Workshops:- FREE - These workshops aim to serve the community and will take place 1-2 a year




We Inspire  - we believe in bringing out the best in your child's individual talents and encourage children to build and encourage each other

We Understand  – through active engagement and we take care to adjust to a child's individual needs and adapt a plan that is right for your child

We Get To Know  – The time we spend with the children will be enthusiastic and fun putting them at ease to be themselves

We Involve You – our classes will be open for parents to watch their children or get involved in events, concerts and activities


Uplifting. Fun. Passionate.


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Get to Know Me

Hello, Im Lorraine and I was born in London to musical Caribbean parents. I am a mother of 3 and I have been singing since I was young. I have sung in churches, charity events e.g. the House of Commons in the UK and London's Royal Albert Hall. I was also a member of the amazing London Community Gospel Choir (LCGC). Together with my husband who manages Tip a Top Records, we make music here in our studio in Zug. I have a real passion to uplift and build up and what better than for Angel Sing staff to train melodious voices that expresses positive emotion. Using the art of singing, we will serve this next generation of our local community and discover the wonderful hidden treasures in your children's voices.

Get to Know Me

My name is Dana, I am 24 years old and I have been singing and receiving vocal training since I was a child. After my first year at Musikschule Konservatorium Zürich I have been working on my first album. I also make regular singing performances at musical gigs and concerts.  The wonderful thing about my work at Angel Sing is that I am also a trained child care specialist and I am very fond of working with children. Combining my love for music and care for children is a dream come true.

Look Forward to meeting you!


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